More than your local GP

Kingsley Medical offers a variety of General Practice services including:

Children’s and women’s health

Paediatric medicine – neonate, infant and child health
Antenatal management – pregnancy care
Gynaecology – menstrual irregularities, menopausal care


Travel medicine – vaccinations and travel health
Autoimmune disease



Lifestyle medicine

Chronic disease management – diabetes, obesity, COPD
Occupational medicine/Workers compensation

Mental health

Drug and alcohol counselling
Depression, anxiety, grief, relationship counselling



Skin care

Skin cancer assessment, biopsies and excisions
Skin biopsies
Wound dressings
Keloid and surgical scar revision
Acne treatment

Neurological medicine

Migraine and headache management
Stroke and neurological rehabilitation
Vestibular dysfunction – Positional vertigo, Meniere’s



Respiratory medicine

Asthma, COPD and respiratory infections
Spirometry – pulmonary assessment
Smoking cessation

Cardiovascular medicine

ECG (electrocardiogram)
Fitness and post-surgical rehabilitation
Weight loss assistance



Sexual health

Men’s health – E.D, P.E, urological medicine
Contraceptive medicine (including Implanon® insertion and removal)


Ocular infections
Acuity testing




The doctors at Kingsley Medical also offer:



Musculoskeletal medicine

Ultrasound guided injections
Joint / bursal aspirations & injections
Trigger point injections
Spinal medicine
Sports and rehabilitation medicine
Chronic pain management
Post-operative rehabilitation
Frozen shoulder
Sacroiliac joint dysfunction


Unbiased and transparent services

Kingsley Medical does not endorse or retail any consumer product. All advice given is without financial or commercial bias. The doctors do not consult with Pharmaceutical representatives nor do they endorse or sell any product (pharmaceutical or cosmetic) for which they stand to gain financially. All advice is given without bias and with reference to the best available evidence and best practice methodologies.

Kingsley Medical is not affiliated with any pharmacists, medical specialists or retail agents. Our doctors do not endorse Homeopathy, Reiki, Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese acupuncture or magnetic therapy. All medical advice is given without religious, cultural or socioeconomic bias.

Kingsley Medical and Kingsley Physiotherapy are jointly owned and operated. Cross-referral may occur without prejudice between health professionals at these businesses. Each business is independently managed and patient records are maintained separately. For more information on our privacy policy click here.



Musculoskeletal, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Kingsley Medical employs a team of physiotherapists to coordinate manual and exercise treatments with numerous medical and injection treatment options.  

By timing medical treatments with appropriate physiotherapy interventions our GPs are suited to manage long-standing spinal, joint and tendon injuries as well as chronic musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain.



Prolotherapy (Proliferative Therapy)

This is a general term used to describe a number of treatment interventions aimed at ‘re-igniting’ or stimulating the repair of chronically inflamed and damaged/degenerative soft tissue. Most of these treatment modalities have been used for decades but despite their effectiveness they have been either too expensive or too painful to administer to gain broad acceptance by the medical community. Even today prolotherapies are seldom used as first-line treatments as cheaper and quicker treatments are preferred by patient and doctor alike.

However in cases of chronic and persistent soft tissue pathologies, prolotherapy is a reliable remedy. Prolotherapies offered at Kingsley Medical include:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma – used in cases of mild to moderate osteoarthritis, bursitis, enthesitis and tendonitis.