Contacting Your Doctor

Existing patients may call and request to speak to their doctor in cases of emergency.  Please understand that we strive to be punctual with all patient appointments and calling your doctor may inconvenience other patients.  Please consider why you are calling, whether a consultation may be more appropriate or if it may be suitable to speak to our clinic nurse.


If you wish to discuss your test results with your doctor (radiology, pathology, histology) you will be required to schedule an appointment. (normal consultation fees apply).


Kingsley Medical offers email communication with your doctors. This is not a service provided by most General Practitioners and we request that patients do not take advantage of or abuse this service.  Pathology, histology and radiology results WILL NOT be discussed by email or telephone. You will be advised to make a booking with your doctor to discuss aberrant results (normal consultation fees apply).


Please read and understand our policies regarding email communication.  Click here.