Treatment for acne and acne scarring

There are numerous treatment options for the management of acne. These may include: topical antibiotics or antiseptic preparations, topical tretinoin, oral antibiotics, hormone therapy (contraceptive or hormone replacement treatments), anti-androgenic treatments and Isotretinoin (Accutane). Acne is very responsive to treatment and should be managed early before scarring occurs.


Acne is rarely related to dietary intake but conditions like Rosacea, which can often look similar in appearance to facial acne, may have dietary triggers. It is important to differentiate the two pathologies as treatment differs greatly. It is also important to have an accurate diagnosis and treatment regime for any other skin conditions that may exist concomitantly (psoriasis, eczema etc). This can dramatically affect the outcome of treatment options for acne management.


Management should also include advice on the use of appropriate facial cleansers, shampoo, moisturisers and sunscreen. These interventions alone can make the world of difference.


The treatments of scarring from acne are numerous. Kingsley Medical offers a variety of treatment options depending on the degree of scarring and the region of the body that is affected. Treatment may include:

  • Dermal rolling
  • Derma pen
  • Dermal fillers
  • Laser and IPL.


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