Keloid and surgical scar revision

Many factors contribute to the aesthetics of scar formation. Kingsley Medical offers a range of surgical and non-surgical scar revision options which aim to improve the cosmetic appearance of surgical or trauma scars.


PLEASE NOTE – treatment of scar tissue is considered an aesthetic (cosmetic) procedure/consultation.  The cost of most treatments is not rebatable by Medicare.


Your initial consultation will be used to assess the best treatment option for your skin-type. At this consultation, the cost of treatment will be outlined as well as how best to take care of the scar following treatment.


Treatment options may include:

  • Phototherapy/laser
  • Steroid injections
  • Topical creams/ointments
  • Surgical re-excision followed by corticosteroid injections


If Keloid scarring returns following a scar revision surgery you may be advised to have radiation therapy following re-excision.


During your consultation, all treatment options will be discussed. If the doctors at Kingsley Medical do not feel that they can achieve notable aesthetic, treatment will not be performed.


For a full list of our fees and services click here. Please note that the cost of surgical excision is dependent on the size and location of the scar and has not been listed on this website.  During your initial consultation, all fees and out of pocket expenses will be discussed with you.


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