Wound and incision dressings

Kingsley Medical offers a comprehensive wound management service for the treatment of burns, ulcers, post-surgical incisions, cellulitis and trauma wounds.


Wound management can be a complex field and it is vital that skin injuries are managed promptly and appropriately to avoid infection and minimise scarring. Deep wounds and burns will be photographed in order to chart recovery and monitor for infection. Swabs or tissue biopsies may be taken if infection is suspected.


All wounds will be reviewed by our doctors and a ‘wound management plan’ will be developed.  If home management is required this can be arranged by our clinic nursing staff.


Wound reviews are provided without charge to the patient.  Wound dressings may incur a fee (between $10 and $20). This fee covers the cost of material used to dress the wound. Patients who supply their own dressing material will be managed without charge.


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