Skin lesion removals

Kingsley Medical provides surgical excision services for a wide range of skin lesions. All surgical procedures receive cosmetic scar management at no additional cost. This ensures precise and complete removal of all skin lesions and the minimization of scar tissue to optimize cosmetic appearance.


Our harsh summer sun makes Australia the skin-cancer capital of the world. Annual head-to-toe skin checks are recommended for all adults and should be conducted by a Dermatologist or General Practitioner who specialises in dermatology. This is an opportunity to have your skin assessed thoroughly and discuss the warning signs to look out for as your skin ages. This is an ideal opportunity to bring your partner to the consultation so that areas of the body that are more difficult to monitor yourself can be assessed and discussed. This enables you and your partner to perform regular ‘home-checks’ on each other and observe any evolving skin lesions.


During your consultation you will be instructed on the ABC’s of skin assessment. You will be guided on how to perform regular home self-checks and you will be instructed on which lesions need removal, biopsy or ongoing monitoring.


A thorough head-to-toe examination will take around 15 minutes and will include examination/dermoscopy of:

  • The scalp, face and neck
  • The mouth and ears
  • The chest and abdomen
  • The arms and legs (including fingers and toes)
  • The back/torso


You will also be advised on how to perform home assessments of the genital and peri-anal region.


Lesion biopsy, cryotherapy, cautery or excision can be arranged following a complete skin check.  All surgical procedures including biopsies incur a surgical theatre fee.


Appropriate care of the excision site in the first 48 to 72 hours is essential. The site must be kept clean and dry. Two to three days after your excision you will be reviewed by your doctor to ensure the wound is healing well and there are no signs of infection. Sutures are usually removed between 9 and 14 days after your excision. It is here that your pathology results will be discussed and you will be instructed on how best to take care of your surgical scar.


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