Trigger Point Injections (TPI)

This treatment involves the injection of local anaesthetic into the ‘knots’ and ‘trigger points’ of chronically tight muscle. Often referred to as ‘Procaine therapy’ these injections aim to produce vasodilation (increased blood flow) to the effected muscle.  There is varied consensus on exactly what “trigger points” are (physiologically) or even if they exist as a pathological entity. The effect of local anaesthetic injections into these tight myofascial structures (with or without the addition of a corticosteroid with the local anaesthetic) can be profound.


The anaesthetic effect of these injections are minimal and short lived, but when combined with appropriate stretching and soft tissue release of the muscles, the results can be substantial and long-lasting.


Trigger point injections ALONE are rarely sufficient to restore full function or reduce pain in the long-term. These treatments MUST be combined with a home-stretching regime, joint/spinal mobilisation or medication.




Treatment with trigger point injections will usually take 10 to 15 minutes and cost $35 in addition to the consultation fee. This is not claimable through Medicare.

Patients usually experience the benefits of trigger point injections within 24 to
48 hours and the procedure may be repeated after this time to optimize long-term
or permanent results.  Your compliance with exercises following trigger-point injections is vital.


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