Your consultation

To get the most from your consultation please arrive prepared. Read the following guidelines to ensure you make the most of your appointment time.

  • Kingsley Medical does NOT bulk bill ANY patients.  Please do not ask to be bulk-billed as refusal will offend.  Our fees for all doctors are outlined here.
  • Discounted fees apply to AGED pensioners only. Please understand this before you make a booking at Kingsley Medical.
  • ALL missed appointments or cancellations (where less than two [2] hours notification is given) will incur a 50-dollar fee ($50).
    For instances where “long consultations” are missed or cancelled with less than two (2) hours notification a fee of $100 will be incurred.
    Failure to pay this fee will result in the patient and ALL family members being unable to re-book appointments at Kingsley Medical, Kingsley Physiotherapy and Kingsley Studio until such times as this fee is paid.  Patients and family members may be PERMANENTLY ineligible to re-book at Kingsley Medical, Kingsley Physiotherapy and Kingsley Studio if this fee remains outstanding for more than 14 days.
  • Arrive prepared for your consultation. Bring any x-rays, pathology results etc. Know your medical and surgical history and the medications that you are taking.
  • List ALL the issues that you wish to discuss at the BEGINNING of your consultation. Prepare your list PRIOR to your appointment. Ask our reception staff for a pen and paper if you feel that you need to prepare.   [Please allow 1-2 conditions per 15min or 3-4 per 30-minute consultation].
  • Listen carefully to the questions that you are asked by your doctor. You will be asked very specific questions. Please listen carefully and articulate your response. Your answers should be precise and well considered.
  • Do not ask for antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is prevalent. GPs are the single largest prescriber of antibiotics and in so doing, GPs the key contributor to antibiotic resistance globally. The doctors at Kingsley Medical WILL NOT prescribe antibiotics unless necessary. Pease DO NOT ask for antibiotics. Refusal WILL offend.
  • Dr Thompson does not perform PAP smears or breast examinations.
  • Inform our reception staff if you only require a repeat prescription or a medical certificate. Repeat scripts can be requested by telephone 9408 1144 or via our online prescription request page. Click here.
  • Understand our fees. Kingsley Medical is a private billing practice. We do NOT bulk bill. AGED pensioners are offered a discount. Full fees apply to all other patients.
  • Listen carefully to what you are told by your doctor. We encourage you to bring someone else to your consultations. Most patients recall only a small fraction of what their doctor tells them (we acknowledge that doctors are often woeful communicators). We will do our best to communicate clearly and precisely. We ask that you listen carefully.
  • Listen to your body. You understand your body better than anyone else. If you think that we are on the ‘wrong track’ or if you are uncertain or unhappy with the treatment that we have suggested then please let us know. We rely on your feedback. Please keep the lines of communication open.


Please understand our policies regarding email communication. Click here.


We request that all patients attend suitably attired – footwear and clean clothing. Patients with hygiene or cigarette odour will be asked to leave.


All debt collection agency fees and business administrative costs associated with the collection of late payments will be incurred by the patient.


If you have any further questions about your consultation or about the services offered at Kingsley Medical please feel free to call or email us.

A list of our scheduled fees can be found here.